Center Mèdic Travessera is a multipurpose health center specializing in physical education and sports medicine. We carry out all kinds of sports medical check-ups aimed at practicing sports, both for high-performance athletes, as well as for members of any sports federation, amateurs or people who practice sports as a hobby. Our certificates are suitable to obtain the corresponding federative licenses or to practice sports in sports clubs that require this type of evidence. We carry out a complete and exhaustive medical examination to carry out the practice of any sport without associated risks.

There are two types of sports medical certificates:

  • Type I: complete history, family history, clinical history, exhaustive physical examination, weight and height, BMI, auscultation, electrocardiogram, spirometry, cardiological and respiratory examination, heart rate, blood pressure, etc.


  • Type II: we complement the type I examination with a stress test or stress test.



Our service:

It is one of the few services that we carry out by appointment, the reason is that they are long revisions and we do not want to make you wait. For this reason we work with the following schedule:
Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 19:30 without interruption.
The delivery of the medical certificate is carried out the same day if the revision has been carried out in the morning, or the next day if the revision has been carried out in the afternoon.
The recognition amount includes:

  1. Complete sports medical review
  2. Blood and urine analysis
  3. Health Surveillance Contract

Medical Certificate for Sports Activities

We carry out all kinds of recognition for the federated practice of sports activities of different kinds: football, basketball, athletics, swimming, etc.

At our medical center located in Barcelona, we issue medical certificates required for various uses by sports clubs and federations.

Conditions for obtaining the sports medical certificate

In order for you to obtain your medical certificate for sports activities in Barcelona, you will need to come with your identity card or passport.

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